Cautomaton has a home now, too.

Lately, all my work has been centered around JottiQ, which is my NANY 2011 application that has received most attention thus far. However, I also made another submission, and while it will only really be useful for a small minority which likes to automate their (daily) tasks, I feel it deserves just as much attention. Thus henceforth Cautomaton has a home on this website as well.


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JottiQ: are translations needed?

So, JottiQ is popular, even more-so than I originally imagined. I've noticed a lot of reviews from all over so far, especially from non-english speaking countries. Among these are Polish, Brazilian, Spanish, French and what I presume to be Chinese websites, and I am sure I haven't even touched the surface. Some of them go through a bit of effort to point out the english labels and the workflow of the application. So now I wonder: would JottiQ and/or its users benefit from translations into non-english languages?

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It seems JottiQ got written up... (again!)

The difference is that this time, it was a review by the good folk of dottech.org who did a review of JottiQ v1.0.2. This means that this website is actually getting a bit of exposure and far more importantly: a very well-balanced review. Some of the reviews I have had the chance to look over are (through the wonders of Babelfish) doing little more than recommend JottiQ as an anti-virus alternative, and on the internet such claims lead their own lives with all the results it entails. Please have a look at the DonationCoder.com NANY 2011 JottiQ topic (linked at the left) in case you wish to discuss JottiQ and its future development.

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JottiQ v1.0.2 finally released

It has taken a fair while longer than I anticipated, but what have you with a good nap. JottiQ v1.0.2 is now available.

The changelog is available below the cut-off.

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JottiQ v1.0.2 is just around the corner...

I basically have v1.0.2 ready for release. There is one more thing I am patiently waiting for from Jotti, and then it will be released. Hang in tight, folks.

Edit: Sadly I haven't heard from him yet. It will have to wait till I wake up once more.

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Ponderings of possible solutions

So, as one might imagine, I've been doing a lot of thinking on the topic of JottiQ. As has Jotti, I am sure.

There are various options open to us, but none are particularly appealing. Ideally, Jotti would just attach a few more scan slaves and be done with it, but for obvious financial reasons that isn't an option. Perhaps he'd be willing to take donations now - I would not presume to know his thoughts and am not pressing him on the matter. In the end, it is an issue that is fully up to him to solve. Of course, he does have contact information on his website, but I would hope nobody spams the crap out of him unless they have some substantial aid to offer that he may or may not consider.

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Correction: waay too successful

Long story short: we now upped the old all-time high by 500%.

Which is enough reason for Jotti to cease service to JottiQ for the time being. Hopefully, once the big craze goes by, things can be re-opened once more. He will keep an eye on things either way.


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JottiQ: too successful?

Okay, I doubt the many people for which this is meant will read this, but it needs mentioning in case very slow results haven't made it obvious yet.

Just today, JottiQ has more than doubled the ALL-TIME HIGH queue of the internal scanning engine of Jotti's malware scan. Jotti has been running that since 2004. And obviously, this cannot stay this way, as it is way beyond his resources to manage.

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Obligatory first post

As one might expect, every website needs content. And since this is a new website, this will be new content. And by the time anyone reads this, it is most likely going to be stale content.

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