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In the spirit of No Liability...

Yet another update.. except nobody is interested in this one, so I'll keep it brief.

A company approached me about using Cautomaton commercially (which obviously made me quite happy!) but that left some unresolved matters that I really needed to take care of before I could make that possible.

This release 'fixes' those issues, and in the process, I added a little blurb on getting started with Cautomaton. Documentation!

The changelog is available below the cut-off.

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In the spirit of Cody...

This time, it took me less than two weeks to get an update out. Those wonderful NANY miracles haven't left the world quite yet!

Why? Well... I felt kind of bad doing a paltry update around the NANY season without doing anything more deserving of the season. And to top it off, I felt even more conscious of the fact that Cautomaton never reached v1.0.0...

This version introduces the long-ago intended / promised support for invoking a context menu on multiple files at once. The support may not be perfect on operating systems dating from before the days of Windows Vista, but at the very least it should be functional. As usual, bug reports are welcomed, as is news on the way people are using Cautomaton.

Have a wonderful 2015, everyone!

The changelog is available below the cut-off.

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Another update!

It's been a couple of years, but at long last, I found some reason to be coding again.

You may 'blame' dear JoTo from DonationCoder.com for this update, as he had some troubles with a particular shell extension that appeared to be a bug in Cautomaton. Turns out it is a bug in the program he was trying to interact with, but thankfully it wasn't a problem I could not work around in Cautomaton. Ergo, another Cautomaton update was born!

It may well end up serving as a paltry contribution in the entire NANY celebration that caused the start of this blog - I've been woefully out of inspiration and time in recent years!

The changelog is available below the cut-off.

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Cautomaton goes up one notch!

There's not much to say here. I made some fixes and additions over a year back, then forgot to release while I could have sworn I did. So now I tidied it up a bit, mostly documentation-wise, and figured v0.9.0 deserved to be released.

My special thanks AND sincere apologies go out to socrtwo from DonationCoder.com, who asked a helpful question in the weeks leading to christmas that completely escaped my attention. I most likely opened the topic and never actually read it as it was marked as 'read' when I checked today! I'm so sorry dude; and anyone else in the future who doesn't get an answer, please drop me a PM. I rarely ignore people intentionally!

The changelog is available below the cut-off.

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Cautomaton has a home now, too.

Lately, all my work has been centered around JottiQ, which is my NANY 2011 application that has received most attention thus far. However, I also made another submission, and while it will only really be useful for a small minority which likes to automate their (daily) tasks, I feel it deserves just as much attention. Thus henceforth Cautomaton has a home on this website as well.


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