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Posted by White Hat (whitehat) on Dec 22 2014
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It's been a couple of years, but at long last, I found some reason to be coding again.

You may 'blame' dear JoTo from DonationCoder.com for this update, as he had some troubles with a particular shell extension that appeared to be a bug in Cautomaton. Turns out it is a bug in the program he was trying to interact with, but thankfully it wasn't a problem I could not work around in Cautomaton. Ergo, another Cautomaton update was born!

It may well end up serving as a paltry contribution in the entire NANY celebration that caused the start of this blog - I've been woefully out of inspiration and time in recent years!

The changelog is as follows:

v0.9.5 (2014-12-23)

    This one deserves an update, doesn't it? Well.. it happened entirely due
    to a good friend telling me Cautomaton was not delivering the goods. He
    was right, although it technically is a bug in another shell extension.
    Thus, a work-around was born. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, etc!

      Added: a work-around for buggy shell extensions that refuse to heed /v.
        Cautomaton now tries to invoke it a second time by scanning manually
        through the menu to find the menu item in question and retrying the
        invocation while mimicking an actual user. This method is however not
        as efficient as a verb invocation usually ought to be; depending on the
        shell extensions that are installed on a system, there could be a lot
        more activity involved in the background. Verb invocations should be
        the most reliable option to begin with, so I expect little trouble. :-)


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