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Posted by White Hat (whitehat) on Feb 22 2012
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There's not much to say here. I made some fixes and additions over a year back, then forgot to release while I could have sworn I did. So now I tidied it up a bit, mostly documentation-wise, and figured v0.9.0 deserved to be released.

My special thanks AND sincere apologies go out to socrtwo from DonationCoder.com, who asked a helpful question in the weeks leading to christmas that completely escaped my attention. I most likely opened the topic and never actually read it as it was marked as 'read' when I checked today! I'm so sorry dude; and anyone else in the future who doesn't get an answer, please drop me a PM. I rarely ignore people intentionally!

The changelog is as follows:

v0.9.0 (2012-02-23)

    Not much new. Or so I thought. I prepared a release a long long time ago,
    or it was supposed to be part of 0.8.3 and ended up not being included,
    and in the end I had unreleased features. I've tidied it up a it and am
    now releasing this stuff... if I remember it, that is.
      Added: proper support for the 'Properties' and 'Previous Versions' verbs.
      Added: mentions of all new options in v0.8.3 in the /? screen.
      Added: more debug messages, in case of people having troubles.
      Changed: /i:a was removed, and is implied by default.
        It's barely supported (if at all) anyway; same as /i:w which remains
        but is equally unlikely to make a difference. If this breaks stuff
        for anyone, let me know and I will revert the functionality to how it
        was in v0.8.3.


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