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Posted by White Hat (whitehat) on Jan 03 2015
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This time, it took me less than two weeks to get an update out. Those wonderful NANY miracles haven't left the world quite yet!

Why? Well... I felt kind of bad doing a paltry update around the NANY season without doing anything more deserving of the season. And to top it off, I felt even more conscious of the fact that Cautomaton never reached v1.0.0...

This version introduces the long-ago intended / promised support for invoking a context menu on multiple files at once. The support may not be perfect on operating systems dating from before the days of Windows Vista, but at the very least it should be functional. As usual, bug reports are welcomed, as is news on the way people are using Cautomaton.

Have a wonderful 2015, everyone!

The changelog is as follows:

v1.0.0 (2015-01-03)

    Over four years have passed - most of which consisted out of my eternal
    procrastination - but at long last, magical version v1.0.0 has come. Who
    ever said Cautomaton was in eternal beta? Not me. (It was implied, though!)

      Added: the long-awaited support for multiple files!
        The first file listed is the primary source for the context menu that
        will be loaded. This matches the normal Windows behaviour: the one you
        right-click on determines the way the context menu is built up.
      Added: support for files in arbitrary locations. So now you can create a
        context menu that applies to "D:\Donkey.txt" and "E:\Elephant.bmp".
      Known issue: Windows versions prior to Vista may have odd-looking menu's
        when dealing with multiple files. Menu items may be missing, doubled
        and/or placed in weird positions. I _think_ this may not happen any
        longer, but I lack (the will to set up) a proper test environment for
        such old OSes at this time. This issue should not affect invocation
        that relies on verbs or text matching; as long as the items appear
        somewhere invocation should still work.
      Added: yet more debug messages (/d). Most are of a very technical level
        and inspired by the above features, but in case of problems these might
        just help one find a cause (and maybe a solution) for an issue they are


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