It seems JottiQ got written up... (again!)

Posted by White Hat (whitehat) on Jan 10 2011
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The difference is that this time, it was a review by the good folk of dottech.org who did a review of JottiQ v1.0.2. This means that this website is actually getting a bit of exposure and far more importantly: a very well-balanced review. Some of the reviews I have had the chance to look over are (through the wonders of Babelfish) doing little more than recommend JottiQ as an anti-virus alternative, and on the internet such claims lead their own lives with all the results it entails. Please have a look at the DonationCoder.com NANY 2011 JottiQ topic (linked at the left) in case you wish to discuss JottiQ and its future development.

Anyhow, as this post seems to get side-tracked already.. the reason I write this post is to apologize for this mediocre website and lack of content thus far. I had no time to create a website before January 1st rolled around, then started working on one, and then the entire issue with overloading Jotti's malware scan came around while I had actually put next to no references to a website in JottiQ itself - meaning there are probably a few hundred JottiQ v1.0.1 users out there who have no clue how to go about getting an upgrade. So if you happen to know one of those people, please give them a nudge here. :)

Upcoming content (once my free time allows anyway) are the further tweaking of this website and the addition of the Cautomaton and Teensymon software packages, then to get working on the TODO list of those two applications that JottiQ has precedence over in the past two months. This does not mean JottiQ will not get updates for a while - if an update is required I will put one out, and there is most certainly a to-do list. But as-is, JottiQ has reached all the v1.0 goals, so v1.1 is the next version if craziness does not happen once more.



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