JottiQ: too successful?

Posted by White Hat (whitehat) on Jan 04 2011
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Okay, I doubt the many people for which this is meant will read this, but it needs mentioning in case very slow results haven't made it obvious yet.

Just today, JottiQ has more than doubled the ALL-TIME HIGH queue of the internal scanning engine of Jotti's malware scan. Jotti has been running that since 2004. And obviously, this cannot stay this way, as it is way beyond his resources to manage.

I am currently in discussion with the man on ways to try and alleviate the problems, as I suspect they might be caused for a good part by the fact that NANY is a popular event with lots of people trying new applications. There is already rate-limiting present for an extent, but so far I have the impression Jotti believes this is not enough to handle the situation if it keeps on going.

Thus, possible ways he and/or I may respond are by adding load indicators to the JottiQ interface, automatic shutdown of Queue processing once stuff gets too crazy for him serverside, or as a final resort a full shutdown of JottiQ servicing so the service can remain for the diehards who would like to use the web interface.

So please, play nice with Jotti's server, especially till I get a new version out tomorrow. It's a free service, he wants to keep it that way, and I would truly hate for JottiQ to become a victim of its own success.

(And then to think that 4 hours ago, I was all elated a magazine wants to put JottiQ on one of their CDs...)

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