JottiQ v1.0.2 finally released

Posted by White Hat (whitehat) on Jan 06 2011
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It has taken a fair while longer than I anticipated, but what have you with a good nap. JottiQ v1.0.2 is now available.

The changelog is as follows:

v1.0.2 (2011-01-06)

    JottiQ-got-too-popular-for-its-own-good release. At the highest point
    before Jotti's malware scan was forced to cease servicing JottiQ, the old
    all-time record for its scanning load had been beaten by over 500%.
      Added: Update check. It should have been implemented pre v1.0.0, but a
          lot of issues came up and it simply didn't happen. Have a look inside
          the 'About JottiQ' dialog. Future versions might add automation for
          this sort of checking. This supports the DCUpdater application.
      Added: A very heavy-handed approach to try and lighten the load on the
          servers. If the server passes a certain point, all non-cached files
          will not be uploaded and throw up an error. This way Jotti will
          hopefully no longer be forced to cease servicing JottiQ. In future
          versions, once JottiQ loses its spotlight, I will look into merely
          saving the actual file uploads for last in the case Jotti's malware
          scan is overloaded so one will not have to reset items to get stuff
          to scan once it quiets down a bit.
      Added: An actual link to the website and the discussion thread on
          DonationCoder. Forgetting to link to your own site is a bit of a
          stupid mistake to make.
      Added: Internet shortcuts. (Rather too many links than too little!)
      Added: Detection for withdrawn service from Jotti, and possible actions
          the user can take to alleviate the issue.
      Changed: Upgrading versions will require the 'Privacy Agreement' to be
          accepted once more.
      Changed: Users that put an unreasonably high load on Jotti's servers will
          from now on be reminded they are quite the inconsiderate users.
          I would rather not start truly limiting users as it will hurt the
          intended use-cases of the application as well, but if in the versions
          and months to come such soft reminders prove to not be enough, I will
          have to resort to limiting functionality in all sorts of ways.
      Changed: The older changelog (version history) entries have been split
          off into their own Changelog.txt file. This way the Readme will be a
          bit more accessible to users again.




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