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Posted by White Hat (whitehat) on Jan 27 2011
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In the past weeks, I've been pretty busy in that thing called a real life. Never the less, I've been trying to deal with the bug reports that have come in, and while one of the crashes has a pretty easy fix, it is a crash that ranks quite low on the scale of importance. After all, XP users, About boxes, and then twice... that makes for a pretty weird bug.

The other issue is far, far trickier. Crashes when starting for very select users. After testing a lot of builds, I finally found out what causes it, but the why remains a mystery. Until I know this in a bit more detail and am more confident that any fixes I release won't break something else, or are just a fix for a symptom that might just as well trigger elsewhere later, I am not releasing this update. Either way, I hope to release v1.0.3 in the upcoming week.

Also, on the subject of translations... please remember to drop me a note! I haven't had many requests, and the requests I did get are less than 10 in number and are almost all languages I do not speak nor had expected to see requested. And some of the major languages aren't represented at all! So, especially those willing to translate, please drop me a note for whenever I get down to working on v1.1.




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