Ponderings of possible solutions

Posted by White Hat (whitehat) on Jan 05 2011
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So, as one might imagine, I've been doing a lot of thinking on the topic of JottiQ. As has Jotti, I am sure.

There are various options open to us, but none are particularly appealing. Ideally, Jotti would just attach a few more scan slaves and be done with it, but for obvious financial reasons that isn't an option. Perhaps he'd be willing to take donations now - I would not presume to know his thoughts and am not pressing him on the matter. In the end, it is an issue that is fully up to him to solve. Of course, he does have contact information on his website, but I would hope nobody spams the crap out of him unless they have some substantial aid to offer that he may or may not consider.

Sadly, at present the flu is getting the better of me. Constant coughing, clogged nose and non-stop nose-blowing.. it is hardly a productive environment. Hopefully I can find it in myself to release an inbetween version 1.0.2 later today with little more than some cosmetic issues fixed - a clearer error comes to mind, as does an updating facility. This version will likely not be able to solve any of the issues we are facing currently, but with an updater out there it will be easier for me to respond and push updates to users as I actually get to develop those.


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