The Great Compatibility Release Of 2015!

Posted by White Hat (whitehat) on Mar 24 2015
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There is nothing new in this new release of JottiQ. It is 100% a compatibility release to be able to cope with (upcoming) changes to the way Jotti's malware scan works.

However, that does not mean I (completely) forgot about developing JottiQ! I hope to implement some new features after Jotti has done his thing and hopefully has the time to make one or two little things possible on his side. There is also the support for multiple languages I asked about a couple of years ago (geez, it has been that long!)... generally speaking, there was very little interest and at the time I did not feel it was worth the time and effort it would take to properly implement such support. I may or may not revisit that issue.

The changelog is as follows:

v1.2.0 (2015-03-24)

    Compatibility release. Jotti is undergoing some changes so we must too. :)
    Upgrading is highly recommended; previous versions of JottiQ may break or
    otherwise show reduced functionality as Jotti improves his service.


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