JottiQ Changelog

v1.2.0 (2015-03-24)

    Compatibility release. Jotti is undergoing some changes so we must too. :)
    Upgrading is highly recommended; previous versions of JottiQ may break or
    otherwise show reduced functionality as Jotti improves his service.

v1.1.1 (2011-07-12)

    Any new version released suffers from a few hiccups, and v1.1.0 was no
    different. Thankfully, all this release does is pat the proverbial belly.
      Added: A setting that, if enabled, lessens the scrutiny given to the
          remote server of Jotti's malware scan to determine its authenticity.
          'Ignore certain SSL certificate errors' is only useful on a few
          specific configurations, and should not be enabled unless you get an
          error like the following in the Connectivity Test:
              'The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust
                relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel.'
      Changed: dcuhelper.exe was updated to v1.10.01 released on July 12, 2011.

v1.1.0 (2011-07-01)

    Six months after the official release, it is time for a well-deserved
    update. Sadly, there isn't much one can improve in a tool with a simple
    purpose. However, I hope this new version will entertain.
      Added: Forks support. Also known as 'Alternative Data Streams', these
          are a well-hidden feature of the NTFS filesystem which provide for
          equally well-hidden pseudo-files attached to existing files. Most
          programs are unable to read them, no less act on them - which makes
          this a feature that truly improves Jotti's malware scan.
      Added: Proxy server support.
      Added: Connectivity test for troubleshooting issues. Some beta-testers
          for this version had problems with proxy server support, but it will
          hopefully prove useful for all parties.
      Added: A builtin 'whitelist' for forks. The feature is sometimes used
          for legitimate reasons, and one of those affects nearly every file
          downloaded. The whitelist exists for speeding up processing only;
          security-minded (distrusting?) individuals are free to enable the
          option that forces these whitelisted forks to appear in the queue.
      Added: A 'whitelist fork by name' option. If the precise comparisons on
          a possibly whitelisted fork prove troublesome, this enables one to
          consider the fork safe by proxy of its name. This feature as a work-
          around for 'Zone.Identifier' forks encoded in different formats than
          I have been able to test with - so if one finds a 'Zone.Identifier'
          fork that is not whitelisted, I request that this forks is saved to a
          file and sent to me at: jottiq-whitelist (at) whitehat.dcmembers.com
          so I may inspect it and if is found safe, add it to the whitelist in
          the next version. TL;DR? Don't enable unless you know you need it.
      Added: The queue context menu now offers an Actions sub-menu. These
          contain actions that affect the selected objects (files and/or forks)
          in the queue physically. There are currently two items in this menu:
           - Delete Object(s): This either deletes the selected file(s)
               permanently, or it removes the selected fork(s) from the file.
               Do note that deleting a file also deletes its forks, but that
               deleting a fork on a file leaves the latter intact. I remain of
               the opinion that JottiQ is an investigative tool rather than a
               cleaner, but... the peoples wishes are clear and forks are hard
               to delete, so deleting files is a logical consequence.
           - Save Fork As: This saves the contents of a fork to a file. This
               does not work for ordinary files as it would be a mere 'Copy'
               operation that may or may not bring expectations along with it;
               instead it is to be used as an inspection utility for a resource
               otherwise difficult to examine.
      Added: An 'Add file(s)' feature is now available in the toolbar. It
          completely slipped my attention in the 1.0.x versions, for which
          my apologies. Rather late than never. :)
      Removed: The 'Add Running Processes' functionality is no longer present.
          It was determined to be an inappropriate feature that only delivered
          half work, and to boot the reason why Jotti's malware scan suffers
          such ungodly waiting times during the waking hours of the western
          world ever since JottiQ's release.
      Fixed: No more crash when down-sizing the amount of worker-threads.
      Fixed: Legibility of items on right pane could suffer in certain colour
          configurations; now it uses proper system colours where applicable.
      Fixed: Zero-byte items were not being removed by the manual nor automatic
          'Remove safe items' features.
      Fixed: Deleting items from the queue while it was being processed no
          longer makes the worker-thread go M.I.A. until it finishes its work
          off the screen; it now terminates and moves on to the next item in
          the list as soon as possible.
      Changed: Uploading should be a little bit more efficient now.
      Changed: Fancy progress bars that show upload progress are now in place
          as opposed a boring textual description.
      Changed: Redesigned the Settings window with clearly named sections and
          recognizable icons in order to make JottiQ configuration more
      Changed: The instruction text in the main screen no longer suggests
          one to 'start processing' when processing is already enabled.

v1.0.3 (2011-01-29)

    JottiQ v1.0.2 still had a few weird bugs left. Hereby they shall be thought
    of as relics of the old past, of times gone by and much, much more...
      Added: Update check is now automatically done every few days when JottiQ
          is started. The automatic checking behaviour can be disabled in the
          Settings window.
      Fixed: Opening the 'About JottiQ' for a second time will no longer crash
          JottiQ on Windows XP. It was a weird bug, but not as weird as...
      Fixed: Starting JottiQ on some installations of Windows XP would cause an
          instant crash. This was a pain to track down, but it has now been
          utterly vanquished. Many thanks to jCat for the help in tracking down
          what was causing this nasty issue.

v1.0.2 (2011-01-06)

    JottiQ-got-too-popular-for-its-own-good release. At the highest point
    before Jotti's malware scan was forced to cease servicing JottiQ, the old
    all-time record for its scanning load had been beaten by over 500%.
      Added: Update check. It should have been implemented pre v1.0.0, but a
          lot of issues came up and it simply didn't happen. Have a look inside
          the 'About JottiQ' dialog. Future versions might add automation for
          this sort of checking. This supports the DCUpdater application.
      Added: A very heavy-handed approach to try and lighten the load on the
          servers. If the server passes a certain point, all non-cached files
          will not be uploaded and throw up an error. This way Jotti will
          hopefully no longer be forced to cease servicing JottiQ. In future
          versions, once JottiQ loses its spotlight, I will look into merely
          saving the actual file uploads for last in the case Jotti's malware
          scan is overloaded so one will not have to reset items to get stuff
          to scan once it quiets down a bit.
      Added: An actual link to the website and the discussion thread on
          DonationCoder. Forgetting to link to your own site is a bit of a
          stupid mistake to make.
      Added: Internet shortcuts. (Rather too many links than too little!)
      Added: Detection for withdrawn service from Jotti, and possible actions
          the user can take to alleviate the issue.
      Changed: Upgrading versions will require the 'Privacy Agreement' to be
          accepted once more.
      Changed: Users that put an unreasonably high load on Jotti's servers will
          from now on be reminded they are quite the inconsiderate users.
          I would rather not start truly limiting users as it will hurt the
          intended use-cases of the application as well, but if in the versions
          and months to come such soft reminders prove to not be enough, I will
          have to resort to limiting functionality in all sorts of ways.
      Changed: The older changelog (version history) entries have been split
          off into their own Changelog.txt file. This way the Readme will be a
          bit more accessible to users again.

v1.0.1 (2011-01-01)

    Bugfix release. They were still lurking, despite all the polishing! :-(
      Fixed: Canceling the 'requesting maximum upload size' dialog no longer
          causes a crash. Ironically, this was introduced due to an oversight
          while implementing the improved error handling.
      Fixed: A minor oversight caused the filenames in the queue list to not
          be vertically centered, while the status messages were. In certain
          conditions, this would actually be visible and rather ugly.
    Additionally, the different font sizes strike back once more.
      Fixed: Various controls in the Settings window might get their text
          clipped in some fashion or another.
      Fixed: Finally fixed the one-pixel difference in vertical positioning
          between the text of the OK and Cancel buttons in the Settings window.
      Fixed: The 'One moment, please' window now properly wraps text and now
          ought to play nice with font sizes that are out of the ordinary.
      Fixed: The 'About JottiQ' window now also properly deals with the varying
          font sizes users throw at it. Additionally, as a bit of a side effect
          the most important contributors are immediately visible without
          scrolling. (No guarantees given however for future benefactors; it is
          an accident with joyous connotations.)

v1.0.0 (2010-12-31)

    Celebration time! The official release is here. Special kudos go out to
    all those other developers who are releasing apps for NANY 2011!
      Added: One can now add the executables of all running processes to the
          queue. This will likely not include files running under others users
          when JottiQ is run without administrative privileges.
      Added: It is now possible to manually remove items from the queue that
          appear to be harmless.
      Added: The possibility for a Second Opinion. If a file has been scanned
          and deemed clean (green tick), resetting the item and having the file
          rescanned will cause it to be uploaded to Jotti's malware scan
          regardless of any previous scanning results the service may know of.
      Added: Added support for the installer to know about JottiQ's currently
          running state so the user can close JottiQ prior to uninstalling and
          upgrading to a newer version.
      Added: There is now a setting that allows new items to be added to the
          top of the queue as opposed to the bottom always. Apparently it suits
          the workflow of some people more that way.
      Added: A summary of the queue state is now shown in the window title.
      Fixed: JottiQ can now scan files that are currently in use.
      Fixed: Uploads taking longer than 100s no longer crash. Now, they may
          instead take up to 6 hours, which should be enough for everyone.
          [Those are my famous last words, yo. :-)]
      Fixed: Turning off processing would block the user interface for pro-
          longed periods if a file was being uploaded. It now properly
          terminates any uploads, and is more capable of pausing in between
          different stages of communication.
      Changed: The installer got a serious makeover, thanks to Ath. He added
          support for oodles of things, including the installation of the
          required frameworks and redistributable files that JottiQ needs to
          properly work.
      Changed: Error-handling is more robust for the more general functions
          used while communicating with Jotti's malware scan.
      Changed: Any viruses that have been detected are now shown at top of the
          list to make the results easier to interpret.
      Changed: The bar with the commands has been re-organized to be more
          intuitive as apparently the old labels made it too likely for items
          to disappear behind the little arrow. To make sure that the settings
          window is noticed the icon now changes upon hovering over it so it
          may attract extra attention.
      Changed: The details shown for the selected item now properly wrap if
          they cannot be shown in full.
      Changed: Several UI adjustments have been made to support the 800x600
          resolution better.
    And since the list is rather lengthy, I put the changes to the file context
    menu in its own separate list down here.
      Fixed: The JottiQ icon now properly shows for Windows versions that were
          released in between Windows XP and Vista.
      Fixed: There was a handle leak. Now there is none.
      Fixed: Crashes tended to happen when the file context menu was invoked
          from non-Explorer applications. No more.
      Fixed: several potential buffer overflows have been fixed.
      Changed: More forgiving during DLL(Un)RegisterServer. This might only be
          noticed by those who were being difficult and avoiding the user
      Changed: The file context menu entry now has a new (better?) text.

v0.9.5 (2010-12-25)

    It's a special christmas beta-release! Ho ho ho! Merry christmas to all!
      Added: Support for Current-User and All-Users installations for the
          shell context menu. In essence, this means UAC will no longer be
          needed if you install it for your user only. This determination is
          made based on the existence of a 'MachineInstallation' file in the
          directory the executable is located.
      Added: An actual installer! When double-clicked, it performs an
          installation that affects your user only. However, if you take the
          opportunity to right-click and select 'Run as Administrator', it
          will do an installation where it affects all users on your machine.
          (And when I write 'it affects', I refer to the shell extension, as
          all other application settings are per-user.) A plain .7z archive
          will continue to exist for those who like it, however.
      Fixed: Shell extension failed to register if it was in a path with
          spaces inside of it. Now it works.
      Fixed: Windows XP no longer has a butt-ugly clipped shield image when
          it needs to elevate to install.
      Fixed: Various texts and the likes should no longer be cut off when
          running at more interesting configurations involving bigger fonts.
      Added: Mnemonics were added to the Settings screen to improve keyboard
      Fixed: Changing the shell extensions installed state no longer rushes
          through the affair; it now waits for actions to complete so the
          Installer doesn't vomit during the Uninstall.
      Semi-Fixed: At one point during my own testing on my XP machine, JottiQ
          crashed after I clicked a link in the Privacy Agreement screen. I
          suspect it involves Firefox demanding an upgrade before continuing;
          but I have not been able to reproduce it. So from now on, it should
          fail gracefully and spit out an error. If anyone sees this error,
          I would be very interested in finding out what it is and whether it
          is a common error that needs further looking-into.

v0.9.4 (2010-12-21)

    Secret internal beta release.
      Fixed: Big booboo involving cached files always returning the same
          (very likely unrelated) file results.
      Fixed: Windows XP now properly shows the fancy lady bug icon in the
          file context menu.

v0.9.3 (2010-12-20)

    Second public beta. Let's try this again.
      Fixed: Windows XP always crashes. WPF has a nasty bug involving high-
          resolution icons on XP, and that gave a possible crash at two
          different points. Strangely enough, the About box was never affected.
          For now, the fix is not to show these images; default behaviour
          differs between XP and Vista+ making for a fortunate accident that
          still keeps the window icon looking like a lady bug.
      Fixed: Windows XP had the most ugly visuals ever. I've tried to patch
          them up a little. Side-effect is that on Vista+, the background
          colours aren't as white and pristine anymore, which is how the
          standard window colouring seems to have developed over time. Still,
          at most it gives the 'dated' impression you'd find in many windows
          throughout the operating system.
      Fixed: Several dialogs shows a lady bug on XP despite being dialogs that
          aren't intended to have a lady bug. Big woop, fixed now.
      Fixed: Clarified the message given when unable to make changes to the
          file context menu configuration so it won't confuse as many people.

v0.9.2 (2010-12-19)

    First public beta.
    So many features were added that any list is going to prove pointless.
    Nevertheless, here it goes:
      Added: Settings window with plenty of settings
      Added: IDropTarget support. (Infinite amount of dropped files.)
      Added: JQcm.dll for both 32 and 64-bit. Handles the file context menus.
      Added: Lots of pretty icons. Especially the lady bug.
      Added: Better handling of multiple selections in queue.
      Added: Support for Jotti's server-side rate-limiting.
      Added: Context menus for files in the queue.
      Added: Shortcuts for easy keyboard access.
      Added: Privacy Policy Agreement requirement (one time only).
      Added: About box.

0.7.1 alpha 1 (2010-12-01)

    Initial (screenshot-only) release.
    Too many bugs, too ugly for words, so not really worth mentioning.
    (I blurred the very first screenshot with a good reason, yo.)
Design: byte-worker